1. "You should listen if: You did not peak in high school, you might consider yourself a bad feminist, and you own a listening device. Seriously, this is a Big Important Podcast, and if you don’t like it, you should fear immolation in Beyoncé’s feminist fire."
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  2. Episode 10: strings attached

    We answer your burning questions about annoying coworkers, when to confront a long distance bestie who’s let you down, and tips for surviving high school. Can women still love football? Can pulling out be sexy? What if it’s a tampon? Plus, Chanel “empowertising" on the runway and why Karl Lagerfeld is evil.


    Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
    Roxane Polvin - I’m Too Sexy
    Caribou - Silver
    Lorde - Team (Autograf remix)
    Clean Bandit ft Jess Gwynne - Rather Be
    The Chainsmokers - KANYE (Kasum remix)
    Call Your Girlfriend (Hannah Rad edit)


  4. Episode 9: Body Talk

    We discuss babies and why some people just don’t know if they want them, how to not get fooled by fake body positive anthems, shero Shonda Rhimes, the brave & wonderful college ladies leading the anti-rape movement and this week in menstruation

    Reading list:

    What if you just don’t know if you want kids? 
    Ban Meghan Trainor
    Don’t mess with Shonda or Viola
    Meet the College Women Who Are Starting a Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault
    "Carry that Weight"
    Tampon run!
    "Oh God, he’s done period-sex taste tests. Oh God. Oh God.” 

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  7. Episode 8: Emotional Detox

    We discuss digital detoxes, Ferguson fallout and what it takes to get white people to care about police brutality, summer camp for adults, and our ideal retirement situation.

    Reading list:
    A year-long digital detox
    Different rules apply if you’re white
    The white mom of a black son gets a rude awakening
    On the likelihood of bumping into a police officer
    Adult summer camp, not as sexy as it sounds
    "we watch an early-sixties blonde seduce a mid-thirties male”

    Chapelle’s Show: Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories
    Oliver - Light Years Away
    Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)

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  8. Episode 7: Follow Your Arrow

    In a special listener mailbag edition, we answer questions about starting a long-distance friendship, women who are mansplainers, a Shine Theory dilemma, work self vs. internet self, an office style conundrum, and why iPhone read receipts are terrible.

  9. Episode 6: You Know White People

    We discuss a Beyoncé sighting, how to make friends, Pope Francis’s internet, masculine aggression on public transit, baby feminists, black immigration and white perception, plus this week in menstruation.

    Reading List:
    How to make friends as an adult
    The pope is so wrong about the internet
    A story about defusing hyper-masculine aggression
    Awesome baby feminists
    Black people, white perception
    lol at the phrase “accused of menstruation

    Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
    Beyoncé - Blue
    Kelela - Enemy (MA NGUZU Ironsoul Edit)
    The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design
    Kanye West ft. Big Sean & Jay-Z - Clique
    Solar Bears - Forest of Fountains

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  10. Episode 5: Hey, Budtender!

    We discuss weekend trips to the wine country and geodesic greenhouses (dude! Bio-Dome!), Kanye’s struggle against the creative class system, plug-and-play celebrity fragrances, how to contact your professional crush, and another genius trend story from the New York Times: wedding weed concierges. 

    Reading List:

    Kanye’s GQ cover story
    Beyonce fragrances
    What happens when women and minorities try to promote diversity at work

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