1. humansofnewyork:

    "We’ve been best friends for 26 years! She used to be my hairdresser. We know everything about each other. We spend the day together, then she goes home to her husband. And I go home to my little dog Stormy."


  2. Episode 4: Breakup Time

    We discuss 42-year-old women, the potato salad Kickstarter and our dream food-truck ideas, how to break up with a bestie, uteruses for rent, and free PR advice for LeBron.

    Reading list:

    In “praise” of 56-year-old men ”praising” 42-year-old women
    The infamous potato salad kickstarter
    LeBron takes his talents to South Beach and back again
    The LeBron profile Nike didn’t want us to read
    Apparently you can get paid to gestate a baby
    Sponsored shout-out to Heraty Law!

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  3. Episode 3: Independent Ladies

    We discuss the terrible terrible Hobby Lobby decision, how much we love RBG, why annual lady exams are garbage, our predictions for song of the summer and we answer all your pressing topic requests. Happy 4th of July!

    Reading List

    Everything Irin Carmon Has to Say About Hobby Lobby is The Truth
    Annual pelvic exams are useless
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  4. Episode 2: Wedding Season

    Episode 2: Wedding Season
    We discuss wedding survival tips, innovation, (not) watching the World Cup, why we love Pitbull so much and dressing for success. Plus our pal Cord Jefferson tells us about the glamorous life of a Hollywood screenwriter.
    Reading List:
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  5. We’re featured on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List this week! 

  6. Temporary upstate NY studio space


  7. Episode 1: Straight Shame

    Welcome to a transatlantic edition of Call Your Girlfriend! Amina is in Brooklyn and Ann is in London. 

    On the agenda: Techie backlash, caftan appreciation, why America is the best country for black people, Kardashian family values, faking it, myths of chillness, self-loathing straight people, and hippie remedies.

    Plus! A defense of rom-coms from Vulture writer Lindsey Weber.

    Reading List:
    Caftan-ready bodies
    You didn’t read that reparations article and here’s how we know
    The plural of beef
    Faking cultural literacy
    Devastating “Blended” review LOL

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  8. Welcome to Call Your Girlfriend! We recorded this pilot many internet moons ago over too much wine but we hope you enjoy it. We’ll be on a #relevant internet schedule very soon. 
    On the agenda: Special IRL circumstances, smug Californians, the Obamacare struggle is real, menstruation clickbait, Beyonce’s influence, and drunk online shopping. Plus: What’s in a name?