1. Episode 7: Follow Your Arrow

    In a special listener mailbag edition, we answer questions about starting a long-distance friendship, women who are mansplainers, a Shine Theory dilemma, work self vs. internet self, an office style conundrum, and why iPhone read receipts are terrible.

  2. Episode 6: You Know White People

    We discuss a Beyoncé sighting, how to make friends, Pope Francis’s internet, masculine aggression on public transit, baby feminists, black immigration and white perception, plus this week in menstruation.

    Reading List:
    How to make friends as an adult
    The pope is so wrong about the internet
    A story about defusing hyper-masculine aggression
    Awesome baby feminists
    Black people, white perception
    lol at the phrase “accused of menstruation

    Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
    Beyoncé - Blue
    Kelela - Enemy (MA NGUZU Ironsoul Edit)
    The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design
    Kanye West ft. Big Sean & Jay-Z - Clique
    Solar Bears - Forest of Fountains

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  3. Episode 5: Hey, Budtender!

    We discuss weekend trips to the wine country and geodesic greenhouses (dude! Bio-Dome!), Kanye’s struggle against the creative class system, plug-and-play celebrity fragrances, how to contact your professional crush, and another genius trend story from the New York Times: wedding weed concierges. 

    Reading List:

    Kanye’s GQ cover story
    Beyonce fragrances
    What happens when women and minorities try to promote diversity at work

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  4. "Making long commutes so much more bearable with the help of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast, featuring impossible-not-to-love duo Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. (And, P.S., if you don’t know about their Shine Theory, get on that.)"
    — Claire at Of a Kind recommends our podcast— and Shine Theory!
  5. humansofnewyork:

    "We’ve been best friends for 26 years! She used to be my hairdresser. We know everything about each other. We spend the day together, then she goes home to her husband. And I go home to my little dog Stormy."


  6. Episode 4: Breakup Time

    We discuss 42-year-old women, the potato salad Kickstarter and our dream food-truck ideas, how to break up with a bestie, uteruses for rent, and free PR advice for LeBron.

    Reading list:

    In “praise” of 56-year-old men ”praising” 42-year-old women
    The infamous potato salad kickstarter
    LeBron takes his talents to South Beach and back again
    The LeBron profile Nike didn’t want us to read
    Apparently you can get paid to gestate a baby
    Sponsored shout-out to Heraty Law!

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  7. Episode 3: Independent Ladies

    We discuss the terrible terrible Hobby Lobby decision, how much we love RBG, why annual lady exams are garbage, our predictions for song of the summer and we answer all your pressing topic requests. Happy 4th of July!

    Reading List

    Everything Irin Carmon Has to Say About Hobby Lobby is The Truth
    Annual pelvic exams are useless
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  8. Episode 2: Wedding Season

    Episode 2: Wedding Season
    We discuss wedding survival tips, innovation, (not) watching the World Cup, why we love Pitbull so much and dressing for success. Plus our pal Cord Jefferson tells us about the glamorous life of a Hollywood screenwriter.
    Reading List:
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  9. We’re featured on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List this week! 

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